Global Trends in Stock Options and Other Equity Rewards

May 30, 2019 | 1PM EDT / 6PM BST

Many multinationals offer stock-related incentives to their employees. These equity rewards give workers a stake in the company and can be an invaluable tool in the quest for maximizing employee retention. Recently, we’ve seen employers in most jurisdictions move towards equity rewards that focus on short-term benefits rather than long-term ones, in part to attract a new generation of talent.

While short-term incentive plans are on the rise, multinationals need to understand the pros and cons of all the options available — including related compliance requirements in all jurisdictions — to maximize employer and employee benefits.

During this webinar Bill and Matthew will discuss:

  • Various equity-reward plans, including stock options, restricted stock units and employee stock-purchase plans
  • Common compliance obligations and pitfalls related to equity rewards
  • Potential cash flow disadvantages for employees and how to prepare
  • What plan options are popular now and why
  • Examples of the tax and social security implications of stock plans in popular target countries
  • How equity rewards may affect employees’ personal tax filings
  • The implications of employee stock transactions for globally mobile employees

Presented by:

VP, Advisory Services

Director, Employment Tax

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