Preparing for global volatility:
How to ensure your business is strong

November 19, 2019 | 1PM EST / 6PM GMT

The OECD and IMF have reported recently that global economic momentum has faltered and is likely to remain slow. Inhibiting factors include trade tensions, corporate and government debt, disruptive technologies and more. Corporate leaders are well aware of the trend. As one Harvard Business Review article puts it, “Many C-suite executives are already anticipating recession in the next few years and quietly gearing up for it.”

One of the best ways you can put your multinational organization in a position to weather a global economic downturn is to review your policies, practices, global activities and structure. Even if you’re already a lean, efficient organization, performing this kind of comprehensive review can help mitigate future compliance risks and allow you to change your strategies quickly in the event of an economic downturn or other disruption.

During this webinar we’ll discuss how to strategically review your global operations and structure, including the following areas:

  • Global HR management, including global mobility
  • Permanent establishment triggers
  • Legal entity rationalization
  • Corporate tax practices and compliance
  • Transfer pricing compliance
  • International risk management
  • How to cope with major evolving compliance changes, such as those related to Brexit and the US-China trade war

Presented by:

Lisa Cines
Business Development

Bill Kirwan
Vice President,
Advisory Services

Senior Associate
Global Mobility Advisory team