Protecting your organization after Brexit

February 5, 2020 | 1PM EST / 6PM GMT

The UK is set to leave the European Union on January 31. Unfortunately, that date will not usher in an era of certainty for businesses with UK activities. In fact, it will launch a transition period of unpredictable negotiations between the UK and the EU.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set an aggressive timeline for trade-deal negotiations. But there are other significant areas to be settled, such as post-Brexit UK workers’ rights and regulations governing data protection, supply chains, immigration and more.

Businesses with UK activities — regardless of where they’re located — will need to keep continuously informed about these negotiations and other developments. They’ll also need to stay nimble so they can react quickly in the face of Brexit-related changes.

We’ve scheduled this webinar for shortly after the January 31 deadline to help you start this process. Four of Vistra’s top Brexit authorities will examine what we know about the current state of Brexit. They’ll also discuss what organizations based inside and outside the UK should consider now and in the future to lower risks and maximize advantages in this uncertain time. Here’s a partial list of the Brexit-related topics they’ll cover:

  • Exporting and importing goods
  • Employer obligations
  • Immigration concerns
  • Data protection compliance, including transferring data across borders
  • Supply chain structures
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • VAT positions

Presented by:

Indirect Tax Advisory

Lee Sheehan
Managing Director, 
Compliance & International Tax Services


Senior Associate
Global Mobility Advisory team