UK spotlight: Tax year-end compliance review and IR35 changes

February 20, 2020 | 1PM EST / 6PM GMT

As we approach the UK tax year end, organisations should review a number of employment-related areas to ensure compliance with tax and social security regulations. There is a window of opportunity to resolve any issues and avoid penalties and interest.

In addition, April 2020 sees the extension of IR35 regulations to the private sector. Any UK business that uses the services of a contractor is potentially impacted. The regulations aim to combat tax avoidance by workers who inappropriately bill their services through personal service companies, or PSCs. Until relatively recently, these workers were responsible for determining their own status as workers — either as a regular employees or contractors.

In 2017, the UK reformed its IR35 rules so that public-sector employers are responsible for classifying their workers as employees or contractors. The UK has extended the changes to the private sector, effective April 2020.

This webinar will help you determine if your organisation needs to take any action now to avoid non-compliance issues related to UK payroll and filing. We will also take a close look at IR35 rules to help you to determine if your business must comply with the new requirements, and, if so, the steps you’ll need to take.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • The scope of key UK payroll and related filings
  • Common areas of non-compliance
  • Summary of IR35
  • Determining if your business must comply with the new IR35 rules
  • Preparing for IR35 compliance

Presented by:

Indirect Tax Advisory

Lee Sheehan
Managing Director, 
Compliance & International Tax Services


Senior Associate
Global Mobility Advisory team