How to prepare for cross-border M&A deals

March 24, 2020 at 1PM EDT / 6PM GMT

In a global economy characterized by trade wars, data protection regulations and tightening foreign direct investment standards the rules governing M&A deals have changed and continue to evolve. Amid these changes, however, M&A deals continue to be closed at an unprecedented pace.

There’s good reason for the high levels of M&A advisory work. Private equity firms and other organizations are well aware they need to understand their risks and obligations before a deal takes place in order to properly gauge its value. This is particularly critical — and challenging — in cross-border deals, which often involve unfamiliar legislation and other challenges related to banking, insurance and more.

In this webinar, Saul Howerton, VP of Advisory at Vistra, addresses what your organization needs to consider when vetting a cross-border M&A deal. Saul will present: 

  • A general overview of carve-out challenges, such as those related to transition services agreements (TSAs), legal entity requirements and tax obligations.
  • A deep dive into HR considerations, including acquired employee protections, insurance considerations, retaining intellectual property and fulfilling local employee-communications requirements.
  • A checklist of immigration considerations, including work permit obligations.
  • Operational considerations, such as those related to procurement and setting up target-country payrolls and bank accounts.

Presented by:

VP, Advisory

Manager, International Transfer Pricing

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